Equipment Safety

Research Highlight

The Western Center for Agricultural Health and Safety offers annual funding opportunities for outreach and education activities and short-term research to support projects related to agricultural health and safety in Arizona, California, Hawaii, and Nevada.

Research Highlight

All-terrain vehicles (ATV) are widely used in agricultural work to apply fertilizers and chemicals, inspect livestock and crops, supervise and transport workers, and carry and tow equipment. Unfortunately, they also account for a significant percentage of work-related accidents.

A Look Back at 2019

WCAHS looks back at Research and Outreach activities for 2019.

Machinery and Equipment Safety


What are some common injuries related to farm equipment and machinery? 

Farm equipment accidents are the leading cause of fatalities and injuries in agriculture, with tractor and ATV crashes (primarily rollovers) as the top two most frequently cited causes. Others include being run over or crushed by equipment, accidents on the roadway, and accidents involving the moving parts of a machine.

Machinery and Equipment Safety

What types of equipment and machinery are used in agriculture?

Several types of agricultural vehicles and machines are used on farms, including off-road and industrial vehicles (e.g. tractors, all-terrain vehicles (ATVs), planters, cultivators, harvesters, etc.), motorized highway vehicles (e.g. pickup trucks, automobiles, passenger vans, etc.), non-powered vehicles (e.g. carts and wagons), and others (e.g. agricultural aircrafts, water vehicles).

2018–2019 Rapid Response Funding Awarded

Earlier this year, WCAHS accepted proposals for short-term projects that address research, outreach, or educational issues of agricultural health and safety in Arizona, California, Hawaii, and/or Nevada.

ATV Safety

Agricultural workers all over the world rely on ATVs to complete tasks on the farm; however, despite the usefulness of ATVs, serious injuries can result from improper use.