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ATV Safety

Farmers and agricultural workers all over the world rely on ATVs to complete tasks on the farm; however, despite their usefulness, serious injuries can result from improper use of ATVs. This is especially true for children because they may not have the motor skills or knowledge to operate ATVs properly.

If you take proper safety precautions, you can reduce the risk of ATV-related injury or death.


The checklist below lists a few common hazards you can look for:

  • Are all workers trained and certified in how to use and handle an ATV?
  • Are children between the age of 12 and 16 only driving ATVs under adult supervision?
  • Are children only driving smaller ATVs – those with a 90cc motor?
  • Can the child reach and operate all controls while comfortably seated?
  • Do all of the lights come on when you start the ATV?
  • Is less than one-third of the ATV’s weight on the rear carrying rack?
  • Have you completed a pre-ride inspection (oil levels, gas tank, air levels in tire, etc.)?
  • Are all of the important parts of the vehicle tightened (footpegs, footplates, wheels, wheel bolts, etc.)?
  • Are all lines and cables intact? Are there any signs of wear or damage?
  • Is there available approved protective gear for all workers to wear when operating an ATV?

Additional Resources

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Disclaimer: The facts and information listed above are suggestions for your safety, but are in no way a comprehensive and exhaustive list of all actions needed to insure your safety.

This article was originally published by the Upper Midwest Agricultural Safety and Health Center.