Training Resources

Training on Agricultural Health and Safety for Workers and Employers

WCAHS provides free trainings on the prevention of injury and illness in agricultural workers to farm managers, farm communities and farmworkers. Training materials include comprehensive information on hazard assessment, employee safety, dairy safety, compliance with Cal-OSHA injury and illness program requirements, and other topics.

To schedule a training contact Heather Riden, WCAHS Manager at or Teresa Andrews, Outreach Specialist, at


Worker Occupational Safety and Health Specialist Training 

WCAHS provides training to employers, farmworkers and communities on topics related to agricultural health and safety, in partnership with the Worker Occupational Safety and Health Training and Educational Program (WOSHTEP) and the Commission on Health and Safety and Workers’ Compensation in the Department of Industrial Relations. 

WOSHTEP is an initiative of the State of California that aims to reduce occupational injuries and illnesses and workers' compensation costs in workplaces in California. WOSHTEP aims to train California workers in be specialists and take on leadership roles in promoting health and safety in their workplaces. The Worker Occupational Safety and Health Specialist curriculum covers six modules including:

  • Promotion of effective safety programs
  • Identification and control of hazards
  • Health and safety rights and responsibilities
  • Workers' compensation 
  • Return to work programs, and
  • Resources and strategies for taking action

WOSH training courses are offered at no cost. WCAHS serves as a WOSH Specialist Resource Center, along with UC Berkeley's Labor Occupational Health Program and the Labor Occupational Safety and Health Program at UCLA. WCAHS provides training materials, fact sheets, books and reports; technical assistance; research assistance; and referrals to local and state health and safety agencies. 


Dairy Safety Training 

The California dairy industry is the largest of any state. It contributes billions of dollars to the state’s economy and is a significant employer of agricultural labor. Dairy workers are especially at risk for injury due to accidents with animals and machinery. Common accidents include being kicked by a cow, being pinned between a cow and a fixed object, or being hurt using heavy equipment.

WCAHS provides a set of materials – The Dairy Safety Training Guide - to assist dairy owners in conducting training for dairy workers on diary safety. The guide was developed in collaboration with WOSHTEP.

Trainings use adult participatory education methods and are designed to reduce the number of days away from work and lost productivity, lower workers’ compensation costs, and prevent job-related injuries and illnesses.

Download the dairy training guide (also available in Spanish) and the accompanying educational (photonovela) booklet (also available in Spanish).  

Dairy Safety Training Guides

  • Dairy Training Guide English
  • Dairy Training Guide Spanish

Dairy Safety Training Guide Accompanying Photonovela Booklets

  • Dairy Fotonovela English
  • Dairy Fotonovela Spanish

Heat Illness Prevention

WCAHS conducts the CHIPs Study and other research and outreach with employers, farmworkers and community partners on the signs, symptoms and prevention of heat illness.  The center also assists employers in developing a heat prevention plan and integrating adult education methods when training their employees about heat illness prevention. Trainings cover topics including:

  • Heat illness prevention
  • Elements of an effective heat prevention plan
  • Practical solutions to provide water and shade
  • The importance of drinking water
  • The difference between water and energy drinks, coffee and drinks with alcohol
  • Signs and symptoms of heat illness
  • What to do in case of an emergency card  English/Spanish
Heat Related Illness Card


Workplace Injury and Illness Prevention Program (IIPP)

The California Division of Occupational Safety and Health (CalOSHA) requires that employers provide a written injury and illness prevention program for every workplace. A toolkit with general information about the IIPP requirement can be found here. WCAHS provides IIPP training tailored to agricultural employers, including farmers and farm managers. Training materials adapt the WOSHTEP IIPP model to agricultural workplaces and are available in both English and Spanish. Materials include the Taking Action for Safety and Health IIPP guide (also in Spanish). Supplemental templates include: 


Training for Community Health Outreach Workers (Promotores)

WCAHS provides training to Promotores (also called lay health workers or community health outreach workers) on topics related to workers' rights, resources available through CalOSHA, workers' compensation, pesticide prevention and more. 


Sexual Harassment Prevention in the Workplace

Sexual Harassment Prevention Training Handout  

Sexual Harassment Fact Sheet