Social Determinants of Health

Extreme Weather Events

Over the past decade, California has become more prone to weather extremes, including increased frequency and severity of heat waves, droughts, and wildfires.

How have these weather extremes affected the work, health, and safety of agricultural employers and farmworkers? How are they preparing for the future?

Research Highlight

Agricultural workers experience high rates of stress-related psychiatric conditions and one of the highest suicide rates of any industry and yet the stressors and mental health of this population are not well understood.

2018–2019 Rapid Response Funding Awarded

Earlier this year, WCAHS accepted proposals for short-term projects that address research, outreach, or educational issues of agricultural health and safety in Arizona, California, Hawaii, and/or Nevada.

Not Everyone Speaks Spanish!

In California, home to the largest population of immigrant farmworkers in the nation, a third of farmworkers are members of Indigenous communities from Southern Mexico. Many speak only an Indigenous language like Mixteco, Zapoteco, or Triqui, and research suggests they are denied access to trained interpreters and face discrimination. 

WCAHS Small Grant Recipient Receives Distinguished Award

WCAHS small grant recipient Seth Holmes, PhD, MD, was recently named a William T Grant Scholar. With this prestigious award, he will receive explore the experiences of second‐generation indigenous Mexican farmworker youth.