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WCAHS Scientific Publications

WCAHS researchers and investigators regularly publish articles on agriculture and health issues in scientific and academic journals. WCAHS has made key contributions to knowledge and development of best practices, with a focus on ergonomics, heat illness, pesticide exposure, respiratory health, farmworker health, economics and other areas in published articles.  


Training on Agricultural Health and Safety for Workers and Employers

WCAHS provides training on the prevention of injury and illness in agricultural workers to farm managers, farm communities and farm workers. Training materials include comprehensive information on hazard assessment, employee safety, dairy safety, compliance with Cal-OSHA injury and illness program requirements and other topics. To schedule a training contact Heather Riden, WCAHS Manager at or Teresa Andrews, Outreach Specialist, at


Occupational Health and Safety Resource Center

The Occupational Health and Safety Resource Center is a toolkit made up of Spanish educational materials, data sources, and links to bilingual websites related to occupational health and safety issues in agriculture. The resource includes a list of national and state agencies that have produced materials in Spanish on farmworker health. The toolkit aims to support community advocates, health providers, contractors/ employers and others working on health promotion and prevention, workers' rights and other issues related to agricultural health and safety. Access the WCAHS OHS Resource Center

The toolkit provides information in five areas:

The toolkit was developed in collaboration with the Health Initiative of the Americas