Respiratory Health

Red tractor stirs up dust in the field

Respiratory health is a major concern for farmers, farmworkers, and their families due to high exposure levels of air pollution while working outside (e.g., environmental dust, transportation, and/or agricultural practices). Some of the highest rates of asthma in the country are in the California Central Valley, which is the primary center for agricultural production and some of the country's highest air pollution levels.

Agricultural workers can also be exposed to allergens that may exacerbate respiratory disease from working in close proximity to animals, such as densely populated dairy or chicken farms. California's dairy industry is larger than that of any other state. It provides billions of dollars to the State's economy and is a major employer of agricultural labor. 

WCAHS research has included studies of pneumoconios (small airway disease) in young, male California farmworkers from agricultural dust exposure, whether farmworkers are at increased risk for coccidiodomycosis (Valley fever), and the effects on worker exposure to toxic air pollutants from new chicken caging laws in California (and elsewhere), as well as on dairy farms.


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Respiratory Health and Agricultural Work

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