The 3rd International Smoke Symposium

Smoke Symposium April 20-24, 2020

Event Date

UC Davis Conference Center

Presented by International Association of Wildland Fire

In Partnership with NWCG Smoke Committee & UC Davis Air Quality Research Center

Conference Summary

The symposium will be an international nexus of research, management and policy with a target audience of: governmental air quality regulators (federal, provincial, state, tribal, local); land managers and fire practitioners (federal, provincial, state, tribal, local, NGO and private land owners); research and extension communities (federal, state, academia, students); air quality and fire weather forecasting communities (NOAA, NWS, EPA, Predictive Services, state and local air quality regulatory forecasters); climate change researchers [black carbon, carbon accounting, chemical transport and climate modelers (NASA, EPA, NOAA and academia)]; and public health organizations (such as APHA, NAACHO, CSTE, NEHA).

Topics will include, but are not limited to:

  • Smoke Chemistry and Measurement
  • Dispersion and Transport Modeling
  • Air Quality Models for Smoke
  • Climate Modeling and Climate Change Impacts
  • Fire Activity, Emissions, and Emissions Inventories
  • Smoke Exposure and Health Effects
  • Remote Sensing and Tools for Smoke Management
  • Communicating Smoke Impacts
  • Smoke Hazard Warning and Monitoring Systems
  • Smoke Management and Mitigation
  • Human Response to Smoke
  • Difference Between Rx Fire and Wildfire in Smoke
  • Short/Long Term Tradeoffs Between Rx Fire & Wildfire
  • Wildland Fire Smoke Issues in Each Part of the US and Internationally

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