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  • AgHealth News, a publication of the Western Center for Agricultural Health and Safety
  • AgConnections, a quarterly newsletter for the NIOSH Agricultural Centers' Initiative

Environmental Health Policy and California's Farm Labor Housing

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Publications from the UC Davis Integrated Pest Management Pesticide Education Program:

Publications from other sources:

  • Pesticides & PPE
  • Forestry WPS Poster
  • Identification of Repetitive Trauma Hazards in the Orchard and Lumbering Industry. Miles JA and Steinke WE. Unpublished report prepared for the National Institutes of Occupational Safety and Health, January 1993.
  • Report on Children Hired as Farmworkers in Western US Agriculture. Villarejo, D. California Institute for Rural Studies. 1998.
  • The Nation's Most Hazardous Industry: Agricultural Health and Safety Report. Kristen Weeks, A. Laviolette, M. Stiles, and J. Grieshop. Department of Applied Behavioral Sciences, College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences, Davis, CA. November, 1993.
  • Tractor Safety: A Bilingual Multi-Media Training Module: James I. Grieshop, Martha C. Stiles, I.V. Domingo, Jenny Rodriguez, printed through University of California-Davis Reprographics, Dept. of Applied Behavioral Sciences, 1993.
  • Workplace Health and Safety Violations in Agriculture: Epidemiology and Implications for Education and Enforcement Policy. McCurdy SA, Villarejo D, Stoecklin M. A report for the California Policy Seminar. December 27, 1996.

Interesting publications by people not associated with the Ag Health & Safety Center:

  • Identifying Preventable Risk Factors for Farm Injuries by Layde PM, Stueland D, Nordstrom DL, Olson KA, Follen MA, Brand L, Konitzer K, Herr J, Leick I and Lezotte C. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention PB94-134443, 1993.
  • North American Guidelines for Children's Agricultural Tasks. Published by the National Children's Center for Rural and Agricultural Health and Safety. Tel: 888-924-SAFE (7233).
  • "Occupational Injuries in Agriculture: A 35-State Summary" by Hoskin AF, Miller TA, Hanford WD and Landes SR. National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, US Department of Health and Human Services. PB89-121701, 1988.
  • "The health of migrant farm workers." by Meister JS. In: Occupational Medicine State of the Art Reviews: Health Hazards of Farming. Cordes DH and Rea DF, eds., Hanley and Belfus, Inc., Philadelphia, pp. 503-518, 1991.
  • Una GuÌa para Trabajadores AgrÌcolas de California, by Martinez H. California Institute for Rural Studies.


The following videos may be borrowed or purchased as 1/2" VHS cassettes from: University of California, ANR Catalog.

  • Jorge's New Job: Getting Tested for Cholinesterase.
    English & Spanish #6560D
  • Long Term Health Effects of Pesticide Exposure.
    English #6555D
  • Pesticide Safety in the Greenhouse.
    English and Spanish #6510D
  • Safe Handling of Pesticides.
    English and Spanish #6518D
  • Training Greenhouse Workers to Handle Pesticides Safely.
    English, Spanish andJapanese #6511D
  • Pesticide Safety for Small Farms
    English and Spanish #6565D; Hmong and Lao #6566D


La Loteria de los Pesticidas (produced by the IPM Pesticide Education Program). Played like bingo, this innovative teaching tool will make training sessions more interesting and enjoyable and help workers retain more of what they have been taught. The pictures and messages on the cards highlight important farmworker pesticide use and safety concerns in a way that pierces cultural barriers hindering effective communication of health and safety information to Spanish-speaking workers. Each package consists of 16 game boards, a deck of 54 cards, and complete instructions in both Spanish and English. All game pieces are printed in full color on heavy card stock to last through many sessions. DANR Publication #3355, $15.00.

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